Friday, August 2, 2013

Club Skirts "Blogs To Click": Love is Love is ... L'Amour Divine!

Let's talk about love today on our Club Skirts "Blogs To Click" series and spread the word about "L'amour Divine" (yes that is French for "divine love").

Ah l'amour ... ooh la la!

WHO: L’amour Divine LLC was established by the Owner Brianna Spurlock and Co-Owner Barbara Tomaszek (aka Basia) in January of 2012. They launched their first online volume in April of 2012. This is not your ordinary Lifestyle publication; L’amour Divine Online Magazine is based on “Life Itself”, while representing love and equality for all. Love is love no matter the gender, sexuality, race, religion, weight, height or even hair color. Within L'amour Divine no one is larger than another and everyone's story is unique, whether they hold fame or not. They respect everyone's story and share them with the utmost diligence.

WHAT:  L’amour Divine is an online magazine. Their volumes are presented on a bi-monthly/quarterly basis, with over 27 different sections ranging from sports, health, religion, government, fashion, love, poetry, music, arts, sex and etc. Their “The Scene” section is updated on a regular basis to keep the viewer’s up to date on changes taking place within L'amour Divine, needed help, polls, comment boards, quotes, and events or situations taking place around us. Furthermore, L’amour Divine is a positive, informational and a communication outlet for all.

WHY YOU SHOULD CLICK:  In L’amour Divine you're able to be yourself with no limitation except always “Respecting” one another. They promote expressing your beliefs, opinions and or story in a respectful manner, while trying to understand others views. Instead of being hurtful and putting them down. Brianna and Basia do not discriminate against those who don't support the information, opinions, features, lifestyles and or beliefs L'amour Divine magazine may provide. Yet, this is what makes them so unique because they embrace being yourself and living how you see fit! Acceptance stands for all individuals and not just for those who agree with their publication. They believe in respecting the diversity of your peers and learning how to co-exist with one another.

A SITE THAT GIVES BACK: Their goal is to bring people from different backgrounds together. In the process they intend on creating a new culture of acceptance and equality, while donating their time and a percentage of their proceeds to local charities. Thus far they have donated to WIGS for KIDS and Turning Point Women’s Shelter.


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