Monday, May 5, 2014

The Weird & Crazy Things Kate Moenning and Leisha Hailey Were Asked To Sign & Do at The 2014 Dinah L Word Cast Reunion

As we all know, The L Word Pool Party at this year’s monumental  2014 Dinah Shore Weekend was a smash hit.

Hosted in association with Showtime, the event - originally scheduled on Saturday only - had to be extended (at the last minute) to Sunday as well due to overwhelming response.

The L Word reunion was a Dinah exclusive with the series icons, Leisha Hailey (Alice) and Katherine Moennig (Shane) hosting a meet-and-greet that wrapped around the side of the entire pool area of the Hilton hotel.

Alice and Shane graciously (and patiently) sat for hours on end to meet their fans who stood in an interminable line for a chance to snap a shot with their idols and get an autograph.

Sharpies in hand Dinah attendees asked Shane and Alice to sign just about anything.
And by "anything" we literally mean ANYTHING!

If you think Justin Bieber's fans are a bit overzealous, try hanging around some of The L Word afficionados.

Here are some of the most memorable moments of the Dinah's "L Word Pool Party" autograph session:



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