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The Exclusive Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend interview of UH HUH HER !

The critically acclaimed electropop duo Uh Huh Her is headlining Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend with a grand finale concert on Sunday, April 7 at Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs, CA.

The LA-based duo, crowned  “lesbian royalty”, featuring Leisha Hailey, better known as bisexual journalist Alice Pieszecki on Showtime’s The L Word, and ex-Mellodrone bassist and keyboardis Camila Grey, will perform for the third time at this year’s legendary Dinah Shore Weekend.

In the meantime we caught up with the band to chat about music, The L Word and The Dinah!

It’s your third time performing at The Dinah. What does the event represent for you?

(Leisha) It represents freedom of expression and a place where women can come together safely and have a good time. 

As you get ready for Dinah Shore, how do you plan to keep things fresh for audiences who have been following you since the early days?

(Leisha) We're working on new songs for the show in April, so hopefully the set won't be too redundant for the ladies.  I'm still fresh as a daisy, so not to worry.  ;)

Do you have a special “Dinah moment” you remember?

(Leisha) Watching Katy Perry when she first started and Cam tugging on her hair backstage and asking her if it was a wig.  LOL.

Leisha Hailey, Kathy Valenti, Camilla Grey, Mariah Hanson and Kathy Perry (The Dinah 2009)

 Being a Dinah veteran, what's the best advice you have for revelers and artists alike?

(Leisha) Stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and cam says, "keep your pants on"

Uh Huh Her at The Dinah 2011

Can you tell us anything about what’s in store for Uh Huh Her in 2013 in addition to The Dinah?

(Leisha) We are about to start working on our third record.  It’s going in the direction of DANCE…we’re very excited.

(Camila) We start production this week and we're very excited.  We're working with some amazing people!

Leisha, being so recognizable from The L Word, was that a built-in bonus or did it create more pressure to do well?

I was actually shocked at the attention the band got right away.  I was surprised people cared as much about my off screen life as they did my character on screen.  

Camila, honestly...were you a fan of The L Word?

I watched a couple of seasons, yes.  Now you could say I’m a fan…of Leisha

As the show’s resident out lesbian how do you think L Word faired at depicting our community and how important do you think it is to have LGBTI visibility on screen?

(Leisha) I think the writers did a great job. To me it was more character driven than a perfect depiction of what a lesbian lives and looks like. I think the L Word was just another spoke in the wheel. A part of a bigger picture but not the whole picture.

Overall Leisha, what was it like to be apart of such an iconic series?

Those were some of the best years of my life. I miss it a lot and I'm so grateful to have been a part of that show. Thankfully, many girls from the cast are some of my closest friends.

Uh Huh Her at The Dinah 2008

Mariah Hanson with the cast of "The L Word"

How would you describe the Uh Huh Her sound to the uninitiated?

(Leisha) We think of it as electro pop. 

(Camila) Indy Electro Pop with a classic rock twist

 How would you say your music has evolved over the last few years?

(Leisha) I think we have incorporated more of what we both love into our sound with each record. I am very influenced by beats and heavy grunge power chords and Cam is very electronic and 80's driven. I think our next record will combine those even better.  

(Camila) -I think that I'm much more willing to explore new territory as I think we did with Nocturnes as well as our latest EP3.  I think as time has gone by I've become a better producer and engineer and thus the sound has gotten so much better in my mind from our first effort "I see Red".  I'm less concerned about perfecting everything and so much more focused on the intention behind the song and the feeling of a piece of music.  I am really excited to make a dance record because we've never really focused solely on one genre.  It will be a fun challenge...."Dark Dance"

How hard is it to create a sound that’s all your own?

(Camila)  Its not hard creating something unique when you stick to listening to your own voice and not the current state of the music industry.  Sometimes it’s much harder to compete that way, however I love that we don’t compromise our sound for the sake of being commercial or doing what’s current.  

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

(Leisha) I usually write from a very personal place 

How much does your real world experience inform your songwriting?

(Camila) It does in the sense that we will always take from our own personal experiences, however I love to write from other perspectives.  I like to make believe still, which is a good thing. 

 What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned over time since the first album?

-Record labels are complicated but helpful
-People don’t buy records anymore
-And if you don’t use twitter or facebook you don’t exist. 

Compatibility seems so important in a working relationship, let alone a romantic one. Are there areas that you completely butt heads?

(Leisha) Directions while driving.  =)

What female artists are you listening to these days?

(Leisha) Nina Simone, Haim, Blonde Redhead, Portishead, Bjork, RiRi...

(Camila) Azelia Banks, Rihanna, Apparat, Air, Big Black Delta, Depeche Mode, Billie Holiday and Ella F, Nina Simone, to name a few!

 Is there anyone you’re interested in working with in the future?

(Leisha & Camila)   KANYE!!!!!

Worst gig?

(Camila)  Our first gig at Shepherds Bush Empire in London.  I was so nervous I wore 2 different pairs of shoes and was just a general mess on stage.  We had only been a band for 5 months and we were playing to 2,000 + people.  Was a bit strange and I think we needed more time to ummm….perform in general. =)

(Leisha)  Definitely First show at Shepards Bush Empire J

 Best gig?

(Leisha) Koko in London with UHH
(Camila)  Selling out KOKO in London.  Amazing gig. 

Earliest musical memory?

(Camila) Sitting on a seventies shag rug listening to “running scared” by Roy orbison with my dad’s huge white headphones.  ( I have a great pic of it if you’d like it)

(Leisha) My dad playing john Denver around the house.




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