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Today we invite you to meet Mariah Hanson, the creative genius behind Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend.

Mariah is a woman who has perpetually been defining extreme reinvention by revolutionizing her industry, overturning tradition and raising the bar on female achievement.
They said she was crazy to dream this big but Mariah never takes NO for an answer!

We wanted to share with you her exclusive interview with Robin Lowey, editor of

Get up-close and personal with Mariah Hanson - an amazingly inspirational woman & business entrepreneur who, going from ordinary to extraordinary, continues to lead a new generation of lesbians and to make a difference in women's lives.

Mariah and The Real Dinah:

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Mariah and The Real Dinah

I’ve known Mariah since the early Club Skirts days when we were fresh-faced blondies in our early twenties. both of us were ready to take on the world. But our paths took very different routes. Mine included a long-term relationship, two kids and a career in advertising.

Mariah’s path was one that would change the face of lesbian nightlife as we know it today—she blazed a trail toward what would become the biggest lesbian event in the world. The Dinah.
And by doing so, she helped make the world a better place for the LGBT community.

I went to visit Mariah at her new home near Idyllwild, in the majestic mountains above Palm Springs. I thought it would be fun to interview her on horseback—and after an extensive grilling as to my horsewoman capabilities, I was finally deemed worthy.

So this is what happened on top of that mountain, amongst the steep trails, rattlesnakes and granite boulders.


Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend takes place April 3-7, 2013 in Palm Springs.

Get your tickets now at:

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