Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blogs To Click: Club Skirts' Top Picks of Blogs You Should Follow!

Remember the days when it was enough to read print publications and tune into broadcast media to get the latest scoop on hard news and current events?
Those days are long gone!

Today some of the most newsworthy articles and media coverage originate from independent bloggers who provide a more personal and diverse viewpoint than traditional media outlets. Not only do bloggers present the news from any angle with much more transparency, go into much greater depth, include an interactive comment/forum section allowing us (readers) to join the dialog, but they also and most importantly cater to very specific areas of interest and focus on specific communities.

Today we're inviting you to get exposed to some of our LGBT community's most influential bloggers.

As part of our new  "Blogs To Click" series, every week Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend will be zooming in on one of the many individual bloggers, we're not only working with but are also religiously following.

These are extremely hard-working, immensely talented and dedicated bloggers who provide some of the best, most surprising and thoughtful source of information on our LGBT community and beyond.

They create, they shape, they inspire, and they lead! Regardless of where you spend the bulk of your time online, we encourage you to add them onto your online "must read" list because, well …  they are worth clicking on!

             BLOGGER FILE NAME:    

WHO: Created and run by wardrobe stylist & fashion consultant Cee Sando

WHAT: The art of WOR is lifestyle blog focusing on queer as fcuk fashion + street style. It also provides fun and entertaining interviews with celebrities and celesbians alike keeping a fashion angle in mind.


WHY YOU SHOULD CLICK: Cee has a flair for uncovering the latest trends. Her blog is a great source for all things LGBT fashion related. It's a great forum to help you stay up to date with the new styles that are buzzing on the streets and within our community.
Definitely check out some of the interviews! You'll fall in love with her "rapid fire questions" that has become her trademark ... it's a lot of fun to see the answers celebrities, celesbians and LGBT personalities provide!

Of course,  Cee Sando joined us in Palm Springs for The Dinah 2013, and was gracious enough to share with us a few pics she snapped onsite for her blog:


We want to know where you spend your time online.
Send us your list of your top 5 favorite blogs 
you think we should follow!

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