Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dinah Staff Member Brings Confessional Tales to Life!

Today we open our blog to DANNY DiMEGLIO, one of our brand new Dinah Staff members.

She shares with us what it was like to attend the biggest lesbian event in the world as not only a Dinah Virgin but also as one of the many faces who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make all the magic happen for YOU, our Dinah attendees.

Danny DiMeglio

"My Dinah 2013 was unforgettable!

Dinah Virgin here and I have to say I had no idea what awaited me when I arrived to Palm Springs in April. As my poster size 60-day Dinah countdown neared T-1 Day, I have to admit I was nervous. Not only was it going to me my first Dinah but I was also heading west from New York to be a part of the Dinah 2013 Staff!! Lucky for me, my roomie in NYC was about to embark on the same adventure with me.

Dani and I barely slept the night before our early morning flight to Cali. The excitement to finally get there had me all flustered, to the point where I had Dani and I dropped off at the wrong airport terminal. Thanks to Dani we made it to our destination and so it began…

Of course the first thing you think of when you hear Dinah Shore is WOMEN, thousands of women! Women from all over the world coming together for five glorious days of sun, music, and of course the famous pool parties. But Dinah is a lot more than just a party! It is a place where women can go and be themselves and not worry about being judged or criticized. One thing that was constant throughout the Dinah weekend was smiling. Everywhere you looked you were surrounded by pure happiness. It was almost infectious.

What was the most meaningful to me was being able to experience my first Dinah as part of the staff. I hate the word staff because the women I met and worked with became more or less like one big family. Dani and I really didn’t know anyone because we were coming from NYC and most of the staff was returning from previous years. One thing we never felt was excluded. Not only did we take away an experience that can never be replaced or forgotten but also we took away a group of new friends, who better have their couches ready for all the Cali visits I have in the works. 

The biggest Dinah challenge I faced was having to unpack after getting back to the east coast. Dani and I left our suitcases packed in full denial, in hopes that we would magically wake up in Cali. 

The only question now is, Dinah 2014 countdown, too soon?! "





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