Friday, April 26, 2013

The Dinah Diaries: Confessions of a Club Skirts Insider!

Continuing our "Dinah Diaries" blog series, today HOLLIE GLEICH, one of our staff wranglers, shares a few of the many memorable moments that made her Dinah 2013 working experience special:

Hollie Gleich & Jackie Monahan

Dinah 2013 was a highly rewarding challenge for me!  It was my first year working with the production team.  Fast paced, lots of running back and forth, yet heavily rewarding when you get to see performers such as Diana King blow the crowd away with both her amazing voice and her touching story. 

My favorite moments include: having comedian Jackie Monahan ask me to have a dance off with her during the white party.  She was always a bundle of fun energy to be around.  

Watching Josh Kane and DJ Amara rock out at the Sunday closing pool party!  All of the staff is always sure to catch their set.  I love watching Josh drum along and seeing how much it boosts the crowd's energy.  

Josh Kane of Uh Huh Her

I had the pleasure of wrangling the lovely and talented Diana King.  It was her first Dinah experience.  She shared a personal moment with the crowd, explaining that in Jamaica where she's from it's very hard to be out publicly and that nothing like Dinah exists over there.  

Diana King

I know that is true for a large majority of those attending, and it is something I found humbling to be reminded of, since I have the luxury of being out in my everyday life in LA.  To top it off, her voice really blew me away.  

I think it is moments like that, which set The Dinah apart.  Not only is it a safe space to party with your friends and a thousand strangers, it's also brings together a diversity of talent and performances we will remember forever.  

DJ Amara & Diana King

This year's team was THE BEST and I have the honor of getting to work with the most talented and dedicated individuals - Briana and Veronica being just two of MANY that I look forward to seeing next year!

Hollie Gleich, Briana Stockton & Veronica Cruz-Martinez

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