Friday, April 19, 2013

The 2013 Dinah Diaries: What Our Staff Say!

The Dinah—the largest all-girl party & music festival in the world—has once again transformed the historic desert city of Palm Springs, CA into a nexus of legendary entertainers, rising pop stars, celebrities, philanthropic activism, and women from all over the world for one unforgettable, epic 5-day weekend.

And while this past Dinah Shore Weekend has proven to be the biggest it's ever been, The Dinah is more than just a mere LGBT bacchanal. With sponsors such as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), NOH8, and GLAAD (among others), Mariah Hanson (founder & producer of The Dinah) has, over the course of almost a quarter of a century, successfully turned Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend into more than party-central.

A life changing experience, The Dinah offers a glimpse of how perfect the world would be if all love was equal and if we could all be free to be who we truly are!

And this experience is not only felt and shared by our customers but also by our staff members, who all work tirelessly behind the scene to make sure YOU, our customers, have the time of your life!

Because all of our voices matter, we decided to open our blog to our staff members to hear what they have to say about these five-days spent wearing the Dinah staff badge.

Today LAURA SANTA CRUZ shares her diary of her first time working at the 2013 Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend:

Laura Santa Cruz (in the green shirt) with Dee in the middle and Bunny one of her Dinah teammates

2013 Marked my first year at Dinah Shore. Therefore  making me a "Dinah Virgin".

I had no clue what to expect. I thought it was just a bunch of lesbians getting together and having fun but it was so much more. 'Women empowerment' would be the perfect words to describe Dinah for me. As I checked all these women in to get their wrist-bands I met some AMAZING women. Women with stories of un-acceptance in their own communities. 

The Dinah was a place, their once a year vacation where they could let their guards down and BREATHE. I was happy to be the one that put those "once a year" wrist bands on them and say, "Alright, it's time.. Happy Dinah! ".

Everyone is so accepting at Dinah Shore. Women are there to relax, get crazy, dance, swim sun bathe and of course check out the awesome events. My favorite was the White Party. 

Three levels of different and amazing music. I got a great workout on Level One where they had Dance/Electronic music. Since it was one of my only nights off I really let loose along with two of my team-mates.

Speaking of Teammates, being able to call myself a 2013 staff member next to these amazing ladies makes me honored. Everyone worked great together. We all got along so good that I can now
say I have met a few of my best friends at The Dinah. 

I really do miss Dinah and EVERYONE involved. I JUST WAN'T TO GO BACK!!! 

I keep saying, "Is it Dinah yet?"

I pray I get called back to work 2014! 
I will be a "Dinah Virgin" NO-MO'!



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