Monday, April 29, 2013

First-Time Dinah Staff Member Tells All!

The Dinah 2013 might now already be three weeks behind us but the memories still live on.

Today, DANIELLE PORTERA, one of our Dinah Staff members who attended her first Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend EVER, tells it all!

Discover how and why her Dinah experience was not only an unforgettable one but also a life-changing moment: 

"To start off, I wasn’t sure I should write a blog since I’m practically a main character in my roommate Danny’s (read Danny DiMeglio's blog) . 
Danny Portera & Danny DiMeglio

Our staff affectionately gave us the nickname D-squared and was highly entertained by our constant banter. 
Danny and I spent months talking about Dinah and speculating what it would be like. We talked about it so much a friend started keeping a “Dinah tally” and my phone now recognizes “Dinah” as an actual word. “Dinner” auto-corrects to “Dinah” and I’m not even mad about it. That’s amazing.

Julia Yates and Danny Portera

Putting my Dinah 2013 experience into words is really difficult. It was a lot of firsts for me. My first Dinah. My first time in California. The first time I have felt 100% accepted and carefree in my surroundings as a gay woman. I had a really hard time coming out and gaining acceptance from my family so for me Dinah is so much more than a party with lots of beautiful women. 

There were several times over the weekend that I became so overwhelmed with happiness because I have never seen anything like it. To say it was a dream and a privilege is an understatement.
The most meaningful part of Dinah, for me, was all the amazing women I met from all over the world! Being on staff allowed us to interact with all the guests, hear their stories, and share in their excitement. 

There were so many wide-eyed Dinah virgins and even more returning guests who plan their entire vacation for the year around Dinah Shore. 

I also bonded with our amazing staff that not only welcomed two slightly obnoxious New Yorkers, but never made us feel excluded. 
Danny and I can’t wait to see all of our new friends the next time we’re in Cali! 



 Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend 2014 is April 2-6

Ticket and hotel information will be available June 1, 2013 on our official website at

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