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Over the next few weeks, as we get to know YOU (our fans) through your generous "blog" contributions of your own special "Dinah Moment", we also want you to get to know us!

Our staff will be sharing their own stories about what The Dinah represents for them and how it has impacted their lives, so by the time you get to Palm Springs in April for The Dinah 2013 (April 3-7), you'll already know us a bit more personally.

Today we let you get up-close and personal with our very own "Sponsor/Vendor Coordinator", MONICA SALAMY:


I recently moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to San Diego. Amidst packing up the last 25 years of my life I had a specific box-my "Dinah Box," which contained mementos with a level of nostalgia of my last 3 adventures into my personal "Lesbian Spring Break" and I couldn't help but smile. I sifted through old gift bags containing magazines, discount cards, and the ever-present "L Word" hat as well as old wrist bands and badges. There was a scribbled number on the back of a program from the 2012 year and for the life of me, I didn't know who's it was-something that I'm sure is all too common among Dinah guests. All in all, this box was among those of my most prized possessions; representing a time when I could simply be myself and be surrounded by women I would have otherwise never met.

This leads me to the phenomenon that I experienced as I ventured out in my new home of sunny San Diego. I left behind friends and acquaintances that knew The Dinah well, either because they've been themselves or the ever-small Lesbian community of San Francisco had passed the word around. Yet, in moving I had friends waiting for me-friends I knew strictly through The Dinah. They along with the random women at the grocery store or a neighborhood bar that I befriend become my lifeblood since their networks become my newly discovered networks and EVERYONE has a story.

"Yeah, I've been to the Dinah once. The Dinah ended my relationship because my ex-girlfriend couldn't resist the temptation," replied one new friend as we were talking over dinner.

"So was that trip ruined for you," I ask.

"Oh no! I had one hell of a time and if my ex couldn't be faithful well then...well...I guess The Dinah saved me by opening up my eyes about her."

Or there's this story, one of my favorites-a couple I had met happened to be wearing the same "Club Skirts" jackets I was wearing. Upon my excitement of having that sense of connection they told me this:

"We had been hearing about The Dinah for a few years and really wanted to go but always came up with an excuse. Then, for our 5th anniversary, we decided to stop with the bs and just do it. We're originally from the South so experiencing the parties and concerts; it felt like lezzi Mardi Gras! We're pissed we waited so long to go because now we know what we were missing out on. I mean, Chaka Khan AND getting to party with "The Real L Word," girls, how do you get any better than that?!"

There were a few other stories concerning walking into the wrong room but making friends with the women inside or the excitement of getting a group of friends together and road tripping with the absolute worst intentions of having a great time but there was an overwhelming message that came across to me.

The Dinah isn't just a party, a brand or a name, it is an experience that unites us together. Outside of that weekend we all live our separate lives, working hard to make something of ourselves but also working hard to get the chance to sneak away from responsibility into a world that is almost mythical. I have found more people than not who have ventured to Palm Springs to attend The Dinah at least once in their lifetime and all have a story to tell. I take pride in being a part of that and can't wait for the stories yet to be written in that hot Palm Springs sun.

Cheers to The Dinah 2013!!!!!!


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