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Today Dinah veteran SHERYL, aka MICKEY MIATA, talks about how Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs changed her life, how she broke the heart of one of "The L Word" actresses, and why she keeps coming back year after year!

"Even though 2013 will be my 5th Dinah, it’s sooooo hard to write about it.  After my first Dinah, I couldn’t begin to put into words what I experienced in Palm Springs.  At the beginning of the first night of my 2nd Dinah, the friend who went with me turned to me and said, “There’s really no way to explain this to people at home is there?”  That’s exactly how I felt!   
The only thing I could tell my friends at home was that every lesbian should experience The Dinah at least once before they die.  I’m from a little corner of hell, better known as East Tennessee, where nothing much ever happens, so being dropped in the middle of a bazillion beautiful lesbians was a new experience to say the least!! 
I’ve been sitting here staring at the computer screen trying to figure out what my favorite thing about The Dinah is.  That’s a hard one to come up with!  I have to say that I like the fact that a lot of the celesbians are just hanging out with everybody.   
When I arrived at my 2nd Dinah, I decided that this one would be all about the experiences I created.  So, I set out to do just that!  I asked Elizabeth Keener if she would be my girlfriend for about 10 seconds so I could go home and talk about my ex.  Lmao, I know it broke her heart for me to dump her like I did, but I had to move on!  

ELIZABETH KEENER (Showtime "The L Word"), MICKEY MIATA and JAMIE LAUREN (Bravo "Top Chef" Season 6)

 During that same year, I was sharing a cabana with some new friends that I made.  I did a lot of girl watching that year from the cabana.  Seems every time I was left alone in the cabana, women would drop in and snuggle up behind me.  That was some big fun!   
Either that year or the following year, my friend and I caught a glimpse of ourselves at the White Party on The Real LWord.   
Well, I was on a roll reliving my Dinah experiences and the phone rang.  Now I have writer’s block!!  It’s part of being old.  And yes, old lesbians can have fun at The Dinah, too!
If you’ve never done The Dinah, do yourself a favor and jump in!   
Oh and you want to be sure to stay at the host hotel.  Makes all the difference in the world!! 
  I’ve done it both ways and believe me, the host hotel is definitely the way to go!!!!!   

The entertainment is always world class…some of the people I’ve seen there – Pat Benatar, Colby Caillat, Kesha, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Natasha Bedingfield, Indigo Girls, Chely Wright, Meredith Baxter, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Uh Huh Her, and lmao, my ex, Elizabeth Keener.  

Another thing that I really love about The Dinah is meeting new people from different parts of the world.  It’s always fun to see them back at The Dinah the following year.   

So go, have a big time, meet new people, enjoy the entertainment, break a few hearts, drink a few beers, and make some new memories!  Believe me when I tell you this…you only go around once!  Don’t waste a minute!!  

 I wish I had found The Dinah 20 years ago!!  Oh the trouble I’d get into if I was still 25!   

Maybe I’ll see you there!"

-  Sheryl aka Mickey Miata  -


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