Thursday, November 15, 2012


Continuing our exclusive Club Skirts "meet the faces who get you through the weekend" blog series, today our Lead Wrangler, LILIA BREKKE, shares her own special Dinah Shore Weekend story.

Get the scoop about Driving Miss ____ (fill in the blank with the name of a celebrity) at The Dinah!
And learn from wheel woman Lilia how to get into the driver's seat of your life at the biggest lesbian bash in the world in Palm Springs:

Lilia Brekke with Dinah 2012 performer CeCe Peniston & Club Skirts production manager Chris Lacasse

"How I got involved with Dinah is proof of how small the world is that we live in. 

A co-worker of mine who knew I had wrangled talent for other events, asked me if I would be interested in helping out her close friend who was one of the GM’s for Dinah/Club Skirts. 
Come to find out this GM she spoke of was a past softball mentor of mine years ago. 

I met up with her and after some long over due catching up we got down to business. I was offered one of the talent wrangler positions and before I could answer, The BIG question was asked, “Now are you prepared for what’s to come?”   

Excited for the opportunity I immediately said, “YES”. Keep in mind I was a Dinah virgin, I had never experienced Dinah prior to this; I was simply going on stories I had heard.

My first year, Dinah 2011 OMG was I nervous. Not only did I want to do a good job but I would have to do it with beautiful women all around me.  Keep in mind I was freshly out of a 7-year relationship and had just started a new one. Oh what did I get myself into is the first thing that popped into my mind that first night, as I roomed with 3 other ladies who lets say were very comfortable with their bodies lol. 

After getting into the groove of things and having great management to lead the way I quickly became comfortable and enjoyed every moment. It’s amazing to see so many strong beautiful women come together in one place.

Dinah 2012, my second year I was asked back as Lead Wrangler and even though I had worked Dinah the year before I was just as nervous, but this time I new I had my Dinah family to back me up. 

I have two favorite moments of my Second year at Dinah. The first; hearing Chaka Khan ask her manager to place the flowers I had picked out for her dressing room (Easter Lilies), and to place them on stage with her because she thought they where so beautiful. I was so proud. 

Second, meeting my soon to be wife. I have Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend to thank for that. 
Now that’s what’s up!

Newly engaged Lilia Brekke & Chris Lacasse

You will often hear many of us refer to each other as family because that’s what we are. 
There’s an instant bond and understanding of one another. We all truly suffer from “Dinah withdrawals/Dinah Blues”.   

A few days after the event not only are we having dreams of making sure talent is on time to sound check, but we miss each other so much as if months have already passed.

As Dinah 2013 approaches, my advice is don’t just go to Dinah, Experience it, embrace it, allow it to become a part of you. You will never regret it.

Lilia Brekke escorting CeCe Peniston on stage!

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