Monday, August 12, 2013

Club Skirts "Blogs To Click": Find Your Lezology!

The power of the queer blogosphere has never been more evident as gay & lesbian bloggers continue to emerge positioning themselves as  influential voices.

From those who cover travel, food, entertainment and lifestyle topics, to gay & lesbian parent bloggers, to social issue and political writers, they all fan the flames of awareness about our LGBT community, not to mention, have influence power with our straight friends and allied supporters.

This is why Club Skirts is committed to supporting the continued growth of our queer blogosphere by highlighting LGBT blogs that are worth clicking on!

Today in our "Blogs To Click" series we 're putting the spotlight on LEZOLOGY.

WHO:  Lezology was created and is run by Dina and Britt, a lesbian couple from Chicago.

Dina and Britt

WHAT:  It is a non traditional blog featuring LGBT current events, inspiration, photos, videos and more. Lezology is geared more towards lesbians but welcomes all members of the LGBT community!

WHY YOU SHOULD CLICK: This is your source for all things lez! The site also offers an open "ask" box where they regularly answer advice questions to readers who write in.

 Check out the interview they conducted with Kiyomi McCloskey of The Real L Word & Hunter Valentine in conjunction with Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend 2013.
Click here to read the full article.


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