Friday, August 16, 2013

Club Skirts "Blogs To Click": Girls That Roam!

Whether you're planning your next trip and need a little help to pick the best suited lesbian travel destination for your needs and budget; or you just simply want to discover and be transported into new places without having to get on a plane, GIRLS THAT ROAM is your online source for all things travel!

It is also the focus of our Club Skirts "Blogs To Click" series:

WHO: created by Heather Cassell and her partner in life Geena Dabadghav (better known as "Super G"), Girls That Roam is an online travel magazine and community for independent globetrotting women who are either swinging it solo, traveling with their gal pals, boyfriends, or girlfriends, trekking it with their tots, or road warriors closing the deal.

Geena and Heather

Heather Cassell is a regular contributor to the Bay Area Reporter, BARtab, Edge Media, Go Magazine, Out Aloha, PQ Monthly and other publications. She’s also writes “Out in the World,” the international LGBT news column for the B.A.R., that also gets reprinted in the Lesbian News and PQ Monthly. Prior to her globetrotting days, she was a journalist covering community news, business and celebrities for more than 20 years.

WHAT: Girl roamers seek and explore new adventures learning about the world and pushing boundaries, doing good and giving back, supporting women-owned – and the boy’s that love us – businesses and organizations. All the while having a great time rocking it through the continents, drinking and eating, sporting it up, sharing stories and tips, meeting new girlfriends – queer, straight, black, brown, white from America to Asia and everywhere in between – and having some fun and giggles along the way.

WHY YOU SHOULD CLICK: Girls That Roam is the first women’s travel website and community headed up by a diverse team of women representing the world we live and travel in. It’s also the first women’s travel website to have a micro site geared specifically toward queer women and trans women travelers.

Click here to read the full Dinah article

Read here the amazing review of The Hilton Hotel - Club Skirts' main hotel - in Palm Springs.

For the Dinah 2013, GirlsThatRoam sent its globetrotting team, Terry Sok and Jennifer Miller, to Palm Springs to cover the largest lesbian party in the world. 

Here are photos of their Dinah adventures!


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