Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Palm Springs, The Official Host City Of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, Launches New Destination Wedding Website

For the past 23 years, Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend has been offering gay women from all over the world the opportunity to escape for five days from the rest of their 360-day life of make believe, in the closet, and provides them the freedom to be who they are.

Yet none of this universal unity, love and solidarity would have been possible if it wasn't as well for the host city of The Dinah Shore Weekend, namely the City of Palm Springs.

As one of the #1 LGBT travel destinations, the city, dubbed "the new Gay Mecca" boasts more gay and gay-friendly restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, retailers and other businesses than any other one gay destination in the world.  Nowhere else do lesbians get such a strong sense of community, solidarity and acceptance, feeling as much as home within the walls of the event as anywhere else on Palm Springs' playground.

Now, more than a tradition The Dinah Shore Weekend has intrinsically been linked to the Sunny Oasis becoming a Palm Springs institution.

Celebrating this past April twenty-three years of blissful marriage, the City of Palm Springs and The Dinah officially renewed their wedding vows. The victorious pair  symbolically solidified the lifelong relationship and commitment that run deep between both brides via an exclusive VIP Rewards Program - reaffirming the sacred union as two of the most popular gay Meccas in the country. 

As one of California's top LGBT destinations, today Palm Springs is one step closer for same-sex couples looking to tie the knot.

And indeed, it's a perfect match: Palm Springs and same-sex marriage!

It’s a perfect match, Palm Springs and same-sex marriage. - See more at:

For those ready to celebrate and eager to start planning their big day and honeymoon, the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism has a new website,, featuring full-service hotels, historic inns, vacation home rentals, LGBT resorts, as well as unique wedding locations that showcase the beauty and vibe of Palm Springs.

"Palm Springs has long been a romantic destination for couples looking for the perfect wedding and honeymoon," says Mary Jo Ginther, Director of Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism. "With sunny, blue skies, a gorgeous mountain backdrop, there is no better place to celebrate in California." 

To celebrate the ruling on Prop 8 and DOMA, hundreds of supporters gathered in downtown Palm Springs on June 26, 2013 at the "Forever Marilyn" sculpture. 

Between August and November 2008, Palm Springs officials had performed over 600 civil same-sex ceremonies. Thirty-four same sex couples were also married in downtown during a special event called "Palm Springs Celebration of Marriage," organized by the City of Palm Springs

Many of Palm Springs' gay and lesbian resorts cater to the gay honeymoon market with romance packages and on-site ceremonies.Palm Springs has the largest collection of gay and lesbian resorts in the United States with nearly 30 gay and lesbian-owned and/or operated resorts and guesthouses. 

Full-service hotels, boutique hotels and vacation home rentals also offer additional space for grand celebrations and family gatherings.

Palm Springs is less than two hours away from Los Angeles and San Diego. Daily flights are available to the Palm Springs International Airport from major U.S. cities and Canada.  Plan a destination wedding and honeymoon in Palm Springs at



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