Friday, August 9, 2013

Club Skirts "Blogs To Click": This Show Is So Gay!

In case you've been wondering, YES, there is such a thing as a queer blogosphere. 

And that is why, we at Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, are celebrating the diverse talented and leading voices of our LGBT bloggers and social media influencers that are creating change, building community, and sharing content on their online platforms.

With our "Blogs To Click" series, we have been committed to zooming in on some of the queer blogs we absolutely love and we think you will love too.

Today our focus is on THIS SHOW IS SO GAY.

WHAT:  Broadcasting since 2008, This Show is So Gay has featured voices of the LGBT and Ally community who use their talents and passion to bring attention to the triumphs and struggles of the gay community. From singer/songwriters to independent filmmakers. From champions of social justice to divas of drag.

WHO: Every week, host Ken Schneck and a rotating panel of guest-hosts dissect the latest LGBT news and riff on stories from historic rulings to random musings. Always upbeat, always independent, always entertaining, This Show is So Gay asks "Why be gay when you can be...SO gay?!?"

Ken Schneck ... he's not gay, he's SO gay!




WHY YOU SHOULD CLICK:  The show's mission is quite different than other shows out there. They're always upbeat, always positive and always out to discover what one voice can do to make a difference.

Oh and did we mention that Ken Schneck is one of the most fun & entertaining radio hosts on cyberspace to listen to? Not only that, but Ken has been an amazing supporter of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend and our lesbian community.

We adore him and have no doubt you will fall in love with him too ... JUST TUNE IN!


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