Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Dinah Style File: Fashion Tips & Advice From Dinah Staff Member Katrina Maksimuk

Not sure what to wear at each of the glamorous night parties hosted during the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs?

Not to worry! Our fabulous staff has the scoop on the latest fashion trends and tips to rock the perfect style at The Dinah 2013!
 Here's what KATRINA MAKSIMUK suggests:

Fill in the blank- Monochrome is the new black at The Dinah

What is the one fashion trend the ladies should forever kill?

Fancy once piece bathing suits with the stomach exposed sound like a good idea, but they never work out that way, trust me. Do-bring multiple bikinis

What is the one fashion item they shouldn’t live without?

Mirrored sunglasses so you can cruise all the beautiful women anonymously are a must have. Do-Talk to that cute girl you’ve been passing by poolside

Best Color to wear for Thursday Night Dinah’s Opening Party:

It doesn’t matter as much what color, but coordinating a monochromatic look all over is the best way to get noticed for your keen fashion style.   

Do-wear your trendiest style, after all this is the best night to make an impression.
Don’t-miss Thursday night, the party is rocking and you can meet people from all over the world.

Best outfit to wear for Friday’s “White Party”:

A white suit tells the ladies you’ve been planning for this, but it is effortless and guaranteed to be a hit.  Do-Start shopping early, white can be hard to find!

Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend "White Party"

Saturday night “Monte Carlo” go for eccentric or chic?

For Monte Carlo go classic chic all the way.  Think Grace Kelly and James Bond, as they have filmed multiple movies in Monte Carlo.  If you have diamonds, pearls or a tux,  Monte Carlo is the time to break it out.

Don’t-Miss the headliners, check the schedule for all the events.  You can’t get this close to killer artists except at The Dinah.

Grace Kelly

Sunday Night’s closing Party: dress to impress or break the (fashion) law?

Sunday night, it all comes out.  Break the fashion law, celebrate your last night at The Dinah. 
Meet the die hard Dinah fans and keep in touch with them.

Do-thank the Dinah Staff, we are about to collapse at this point.
Don’t-forget to compliment someone, this night people have let their guard down and they will appreciate the kindness.

To accessorize or not to accessorize?

The person with the most accessories wins, especially with bathing suits, you’ll want to get noticed for your excellent style.

Do-pack a bag just for accessories
Don’t-forget to put sunscreen on and wear different accessories each day, the tan lines won’t be forgiving in the Monte Carlo gown you just got.

Cleavage or leg?

If you have nice legs, show them off by wearing high heels and short shorts. 
If you’re thigh shy like me, [one way to be more comfortable, is to] bring a pair of shorts or wrap that looks cute with your bikini.

Do-Bring a push up bra
Don’t-worry about your body, you are beautiful.

Kicks or heels?

There is something super hot about bikinis and high heels.  May I please request all hot femmes wear them?  For the night parties, I suggest something comfortable, because you’ll be spending lots of time on your feet!

Do-Bring a separate bag just for shoes.  I suggest flip-flops, heels, wedges, dressy flats and sneakers.

Lipstick or lip-gloss?

It doesn’t matter if you’re femme, butch or neither, a nice coat of gloss is sexy for the summer in April feel of Dinah Shore.  Save your lipstick for the night parties to leave a mark…literally.

Do-drink lots of water so you have kissable lips
Don’t-wear lip liner that is dark, that freaks me out when the main lipstick comes off and that is all that is left.

Ultimate Celebrity trendsetter to steal your look from?


Do-Stay true to your style.  Get the outfits you have been wanting, Rock your individualism.
Don’t-be a look-a-like.  There was one year there were 20 Shanes.

Best pick up line to use:

Just hot eye contact.

Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is April 3-7, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.

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