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Up-Close & Personal With DIANA KING. An Exclusive Dinah Interview With The Reggae/Dancehall Legend

Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend will kick things off on Sunday, April 7 with the Annual Tea Dance Pool Party at the Hilton hotel with an exclusive live performance by the iconic DIANA KING.
The Reggae/Dancehall legend, who sold more than 5 million copies of her debut album "Tougher Than Love", is responsible for chart topping hits like "Shy Guy" from the “Bad Boys” soundtrack, "Say a Little Prayer"  from the soundtrack to My Best Friends Wedding, "Treat Her Like a Lady"“ from Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love album, and "Respect" from Notorious B.I.G’s debut album Ready to Die
Yet King’s biggest accomplishment came last year, when she bravely decided to publicly proclaim her sexual identity as a lesbian—breaking a major taboo in Jamaican culture and making headlines around the world.
Today we invite you to get to know the amazing woman behind the hits in this exclusive up-close and personal interview with Diana King:

1. What are you most looking forward to at the Dinah this year?

Just being there and experiencing "The Dinah" its my first event such as this.

2. Who else are you excited to see/ meet at The Dinah?

Hmm, I don't know who else is gonna be there but I'm very excited to see them all.

3. Do you have anything special or any new songs planned for your show?

I'll of course be doing my hit songs that are loved and a few new songs from my latest album AgirLnaMeKING. I'm probably gonna have to change 'Shy Guy' to 'Shy Girl.
It's a big deal being the 1st Jamaican Artist to ever come out and being able to perform on a stage like this. That in itself is SPECIAL. 

4. Do you think playing in front of thousands of women is /will be different than playing at a regular show?

I can only imagine, but it's all about the music, good vibes and entertaining. In that way audiences are the same.

5. What does the Dinah represent for you?

Dinah will be my first time performing my set to a lesbian audience in general and since I came out last June. It represents hope for fellow artist especially Jamaican artists like myself. It also represent 'Dreams' coming true.

6. What have you heard about the event?
How do you think it has served the LGBT community for the past 23 years?

I know I've wanted to be there since I saw it on the original L word. I have learnt that many artist who have performed there go on to be very successful. But just being able to "access" an event like this as a lesbian is truly amazing. To be able to just 'Be' … knowing that this environment exists and it's safe is something that I and many have never truly known. When I announced that I was doing Dinah, I got so many messages from Jamaican/Caribbean lesbians just wishing they could experience it. It a wonderful thing for lesbians in that way.


7. What past Dinah Headliner(s) would you love to perform with? 

 Chaka Khan.


8. Have you already picked out your wardrobe for The Dinah?

That's never hard. I'm a down to earth Jeanz N T-shirt  (maybe a blazer) type of girl.

9. What item(s) would your fans be most surprised to find in your (Dinah) suitcase? 

Real flashy/shiney/sexy stuff I never wear.

10. What is the one fashion trend you wish would just die? 

 Anything that doesn't fit.

11. What is the one fashion item you cannot live without? 


12. What artists are currently on your playlist? 

 Bob Marley/Bruno Mars/Fleetwood Mac/Anita Baker/Coldplay/Nina Simone/Top 40 Pop.

13. Who's your female celebrity crush? 

 Drew Barrymore


14. What's your guilty pleasure song? 

 It's between 'Freak me' - Silk and 'All The Things Your Man Won't Do' - Joe

15. Favorite decade in music? 

 The 80's

16. Do you have any unusual rituals before going on stage? 

 I eat ice and do not speak for an hour before singing.

17. Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake? 

 I feel Timberlake more.

18. Madonna or Lady Gaga? 

Ma'Gaga lol ..  They both inspire me.

19. Best singing performance EVER was in your shower or your car? 

 In a dream at the SuperBowl but nothing beats a shower's acoustics and vibe.

20. Song you wish you had written? 

 I Say A Little Prayer For You - Burt Bacharach.

21. Kicks or heels? 


22. What can you tell us about your upcoming project(s)?

I'm getting involve with a few video campaigns geared at tolerance and equality in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Jamaica as many know is listed in the top countries for it's violence and intolerance toward the LGBT community. I'm also promoting my latest album 'AgirLnaMeKING' and I plan on doing soon an EP of Dance songs. 

23. As The Dinah is celebrating its 23rd Anniversary, what would your birthday card read? 


Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is April 3-7, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.

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