Monday, February 11, 2013

The Dinah Style File: Your Fashion Guide to the do's and don'ts of the Dinah Nightlife dress-code

Need a little help in selecting your outfit for each of the glamorous night parties hosted during the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs?

Our staff member ANGELA CALVIN has the scoop on the latest fashion trends and tips to rock the perfect style at The Dinah 2013!


Fill in the blank: blazers  is the new black at The Dinah

What is the one fashion item they shouldn’t live without? 
A black dress

Best Color to wear for Thursday Night Dinah’s Opening Party:  

Best outfit to wear for Friday’s “White Party”: 
Dress and heels or slacks, dress shirt , jacket , nice shoes. No sneaks.  No flip flops. Classy.

Saturday night “Monte Carlo” go for eccentric or chic?  
Well monte carlo should be chic.  switch it up. go ECCENTRIC.. this can be the selling point. give them room to be creative.

Sunday Night’s closing Party: dress to impress or break the (fashion) law?  
Break the fashion law. 

To accessorize or not to accessorize?  
I like accessories not everyone does.

Cleavage or leg?  
Ha.. cleavage  (hmm that could go south) but ok.

Kicks or heels?  
Both if choosing (heels)

Lipstick or lip-gloss?  

Ultimate Celebrity trendsetter to steal your look from?  
Different people and trends

Best pick up line to use:  
Excuse me are you tired? cuz you been running though my mind all day. 
HA! man.. 
Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is April 3-7, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.

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