Friday, February 8, 2013

The Dinah Style File: Fashion Tips & Advice From Dinah Sponsor/Vendor Coordinator Monica Salamy

Need a little help in selecting your outfit for each of the glamorous night parties hosted during the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs?

Club Skirts' very own "Sponsor/Vendor" coordinator, MONICA SALAMY, has the scoop on the latest fashion trends and tips to rock the perfect style at The Dinah 2013!

Fill in the blank- BARE is the new black at The Dinah 

What is the one fashion item they shouldn’t live without?
A good watch

Best Color to wear for Thursday Night Dinah’s Opening Party: 
Red! Be bold, Ladies!

Best outfit to wear for Friday’s “White Party”:
White fitted blazer,
White fitted pants/jeans
No shirt
Gray kicks
Pair with a watch and long necklace of some sort 

Saturday night “Monte Carlo” go for eccentric or chic?
Chic, all the way! 

Sunday Night’s closing Party: dress to impress or break the (fashion) law?
Take a lesson from Switzerland and find a neutral ground. Leave a mark on the people you meet. You only really have one chance to make a lasting impression. 

To accessorize or not to accessorize?
Accessorize...but don't get crazy. Sometimes all you need is a bikini and a drink :) 

Cleavage or leg?  
leg! Leg! LEG! 

Kicks or heels?
Love ya'self, wear kicks.

Lipstick or lip-gloss?
I'm more of a Chapstick lesbian,myself:)

Ultimate Celebrity trendsetter to steal your look from?
Bette from, "The L Word." A powerful woman is beyond sexy and when you pair that feminine and subtle masculine style together you can't go wrong. 

Best pick up line to use:
"Would you hold this please?" Then slip your hand into hers
Hopefully she won't be lactose intolerant with all the cheese being sent her way:)

Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is April 3-7, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.

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