Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Dinah Style File: Your Fashion Guide to the do's and don'ts of the Dinah Nightlife dress-code

 Not sure what to wear at each of the glamorous night parties hosted during the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs?

Not to worry! Our fabulous staff has the scoop on the latest fashion trends and tips to rock the perfect style at The Dinah 2013!

 Here's what TARA GOLSON, our general staff supervisor, advices:

Fill in the blank- CLASSY is the new black at The Dinah!

What is the one fashion item they shouldn’t live without?
Ties! I mean come on! Whether you are femme or butch or somewhere in between…a tie is always a classy choice… Plus, you can have a little “50 Shades of Gray” fun with that tie after the parties… am I right ladies? 

Best Color to wear for Thursday Night Dinah’s Opening Party:
Something bright… catch the girls’ eyes from the very beginning and you will not have to buy a single drink for yourself all week!

Best outfit to wear for Friday’s “White Party”:
hmmm this is tough... What to wear to the WHITE party… I’ll get back to you on that…

Saturday night “Monte Carlo” go for eccentric or chic?
Chic all the way… CLASSY is the new black remember?  Keep with the “Monte Carlo” poker theme… think fedoras, throw in a boa for fun, tight dress, maybe have dice in your pockets as an accessory… the ladies can blow on them for good luck (that’s what she said?)

Sunday Night’s closing Party: dress to impress or break the (fashion) law?
The only laws that should be breaking on Sunday night are ladies loving ladies (thanks for that Prop 8)… so that means always dress to impress… You’ll be tired after the non-stop fun of the week so keep it casual, but classy and end Dinah the way you started… rocking an awesome look!

To accessorize or not to accessorize?
Always accessorize… makes for great conversation starters: “Are those bangles you’re wearing? Cool… want to go bangle around in my room later?” See how that works…

Cleavage or leg?
Why have either or when you can have both! Nothing is sexier than a tight black dress on a woman.

Kicks or heels?
I personally love a woman in heels, but you have to be able to rock those bad boys like Beyonce at the Super Bowl… and that can be hard! Bey is fierce after all…So bring a pair of flats as a back-up… always a good plan after 5 hours of dancing non-stop.

Lipstick or lip-gloss?
I say lip gloss… good flavors, less mess… unless  you want to mark your territory all night, than go with the bright red lipstick… also, if you happen to spot Katy Perry have some chapstick on hand… word on the street is she likes cherry.

Best pick up line to use:
For the pool parties… “you look hotter than Portia and Ellen laying out in Cabo, can I buy you a drink?”

For the Monte Carlo party…”I’ll be your Shane if you’ll be my Carmen… speaking of “Karmin”, I really hope you’re not going to leave me “brokenhearted” tonight…”

KARMIN headlines the Dinah's "Monte Carlo" Party on Saturday, April 6 at The Palm Springs Convention Center

Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is April 3-7, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.


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