Thursday, October 18, 2012


So you're going to the 2013 Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs
Your hotel room is booked, your tickets have been reserved and you've even secured the good company of your best friends. 

You're ready to bring your absolutely unmistakable swag, but still don't know what to put in your bag?

Not to worry! 
We've rounded up some of the best advice and insights from Dinah habitués both in and out of the spotlight to help you figure out what essentials are the absolute must-bring items to the biggest lesbian party in the world!

And because mothers know best, we got the most well-known hippie mom of the sitcom world, the beloved and iconic television actress, Meredith Baxter to tell us what indispensable items we should remember to pack.

... and it all has to do with "L" words!


1. Lotion.
2. Lube.
3. L'eau.

That's really all we need...

Join us as we try to put together the best Dinah Survival Kit for 2013 and share your own tips in the comments or email us at: 

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