Monday, October 8, 2012

What's In Your Bag? A Guide to Dinah Shore Weekend Essentials

Wondering what essentials to pack for The Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs?

Here’s the Dinah Survival Kit Guide brought to you by some people you may know:

The Real L Word most talked about personality, Whitney Mixter, shares her top 5 MUST-HAVE Dinah items ...


1. Bathing suits - pretty much my attire the entire trip

2.  Sunglasses - the nights are long and the days are're gonna need them.

3.  Friends - its aaalways the more the merrier at Dinah so pack as many into your car as you can get.

4. Lotion with at least a little SPF - I'm all about a tan but its Palm Springs and that sun is serious.  Stay moisturized....and HYDRATED!

5. Your "A" game - There's thousands of girls there, most of which you've never me t.... need I say more?

Congratulations to Whitney and Sara ...what a beautiful wedding!
We wish you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.

Video courtesy of AfterEllen coverage of the 2012 Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs.
Article originally published on SheWired

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