Monday, October 15, 2012


Celebrities are sharing their Dinah weekend getaway packing essentials.

Find out what stand-up comic and actor, Bridget McManus, who stars in the popular web series "McManusLand" and pens the daily "Afternoon Delight" column on AfterEllen, puts in her bags to head out to Palms Springs Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend:



1.  My wife.  (Safety in numbers)

2. Advil and lots of it.  The best thing about Advil is it's great for hangovers and for an injured groin.  When I dance I dance hard!

3. Tons of cash.  Especially $1 bills to tip the staff and the "dancers."

4. Bring your sense of humor.  You might see some naked women who shouldn't be naked or witness your friend making out with someone they wouldn't if they weren't at the Dinah but it's all in good fun so get ready to laugh.

5. Ear plugs. If you attempt to get some sleep over the weekend you'll need ear plugs because some women don't know when to stop fighting in the hallway and shut off the Tegan and Sara.

Article originally published by SheWired

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