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As we continue to feature some of your favorite celebrities who have attended Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs in our special blog series dubbed “Celebrities Survival Kit Guide, now we’re also opening the checklist to you, our customers, to get your packing tips!

Here’s what Chelsey Weber from Canada shared with us.

My name is Chelsey from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada 4 years ago. I am 25 years old.

This  year I was a Dinah virgin! Ha ha! I am going again for 2013! When I first came out 6 years ago I was introduced to the L word . Who hasn't seen it right? Well that's how I saw Dinah Shore! I always said one day I'm going to go! So this year my best friend was going through a hard break up and time. We decided we need to go away!

So this was the year we were going to Dinah! Why not a vacation, sun, and great times! So me my girlfriend Heather and Amber away we went! I would recommend everyone has to go! ( and no you don't need to be single to go) ha ha . It was the best time for a couple or if you were single. I met so many great friends that I still keep in contact with.

It was such an amazing experience for myself ! That many people in one spot but not a single person I met was unfriendly to meet you! Everyone was great and so happy to meet you! It gave me a great positive outlook and energy. It's the one thing i'm looking forward to next year is that great positive energy!

So this next year the same people I went with are coming and a great big group from my friends in Saskatchewan are coming! So Kat, Amber, Heather, Nikki, Keeley, Lauren, Nicole, Treena and Cindy lets get this party started !
Dinah Shore 2013!

My five must-have items are:

1. Different bathing suit for each pool party!

2- an out fit for all the parties plus extra ha ha

3- a hangover remedy

4- mouth wash for that extra fresh breath!

5-and your great attitude to have fun !


We encourage and welcome other customers to submit their Top 5 items part of their Dinah Survival Kits. We'll gladly post your stories and packing tips on our blog.
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  1. Love it Chelsey! So glad more and more Canuckers come out year after year! Bring your prairie boots and we'll see you kids on the dance floor!...or in the pool, which ever way you like it ;)

    Chris- PM Club Skirts The Dinah